The shoulders of a Dark Man

I stand on the shoulders
of the one I encaptured
the one whose sun shined
brighter than I ever could
from a land that created time
and soul spoke without speaking

I stand on the shoulders
I needed
with bulges and packaging
encouraging many to disregard
a fantasy to be put on display
and secretly marvelled

I want those shoulders
that even medicinal snake oil
cannot achieve for me
and causes me to
share my destruction
with gun-powdered outbursts

I need those shoulders to stay
so my glory will be recognized
for the size of the trophy the game
awards me
Taken down so I can stand
so I can stand proudly with regrets

Like eating ice cream in the rain

The clouds form around You

When You are away from Me

Could it be

That’s why You stay so close?

I don’t even have to hold your hand

To know that everyone sees us

And, I even say your name

Even You forget mine

And that’s okay


It’s like eating ice cream in the rain

When things are good

I always get the best out of You

I open myself to Let You see

Every aspect of Me

We haven’t always gone without screaming

How we make up is so more intense

If there’s ever some confusion

You’ll find a solution

And that’s okay.

It’s alright.

I must be doing a great job

I must be doing a good job.

You tell Me

I’m your every inspirational thought

And I’m really diggin’ You

You make my heart stay right where it is

‘Cause I know You want it

Just like eating ice cream in the rain