When You Think You’ve Had Enough Of Me


When you think you’ve had enough of me

 think again

I can be your one and only friend

I might be the one you need

 to pick your ass up when you bleed

And just when you think there’s nothing else I can do

 when you get sick, I’ll come along and clean up your poo

Be very careful how you treat me

 everyone around you isn’t as wonderful as you see

I haven’t pestered you or stalked you as such

 I don’t even come around or talk to you too much

But if my presence makes you tense

 don’t think that it’s because I don’t have any sense

I feel an urge in a somber way

 that you just don’t have the nerve to say

How you feel should make no difference to others

 so what if we share out lives like sisters and brothers

I will be there in your corner

 and squash any thoughts you have of being a mourner

Stay close by and always at hand

 for love can sift through your fingers like grains of sand

Don’t see me as the cause but as the reason

 to channel any negativity of every season

I don’t want to be what you see over your shoulder

 I want to be your shelter when you feel colder

Just let me exist for you in my own little way

 and to know that you’re okay every single day

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