Arouse Me

Arouse me

 by not doing anything

 do not talk to me

 do not motion to me to look at a part of you

  that wears me out


Arouse me

 by sitting there with your paper and falling asleep

 by resting your fine manicured hand on your thigh

  and coaxing yourself into further oblivion

 by letting one foot fall from the ottoman


Arouse me

 Waking and then stretching

 throwing me shade then looking over your shoulder when you

  reach the room that awakens all my senses

  and letting me hear you undress


Arouse me

 by waiting just long enough for impatience to grow

 and returning to the door to ask if I’m coming without saying a word

 and then watching you watch me watch you

 cherish what it is that we have in each other



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