Games Friends Play

The stuff that dreams were made of

were they

He Black She Black

He White She White

friends from the end

of an era that separated the strong

from the weak

the fertile from the bleak

Friends from the end

Soon to begin

an on-going chain of event

Looks could never deceive

nor would they grieve

for a time still necessary to circumvent

Their parties hung men

all sturdy and bare

while proper dominatrices

twisted and covered their hair

So much candy

for one not to be randy

the friends saw past the masks

sensing and smelling a flavor

that each wanted to savor

would be one of their greatest tasks

Now it’s hard for a girl

in a crazy mixed up world

to cover up all her boyish charm

But when lust stares you in the face

revealing every trace

what’s mine is yours causes no alarm

Then when a man is needy

not because he’s greedy

He needs more than a stiff drink

Friends from the end

Ah hell, lets not pretend

it was time to expand their kink

Black on White

White on Black

this seemed so right

with nothing to lack

This torrid affair

at a party

who would care

Yes, this is where it would begin

What started with a mister

now focused on a sister

my how cherubims sin

All it took was one

to load the gun

setting off a chain of events

They had each other

and a relatively speaking lover

in a town that no longer hid suspense

© 2010 TTBoy

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