Hollywood: Makeup on/Makeup off

Hello, All!

     This is just a quick little question about Hollywood women.  Why is it TMZ can catch Hollywood women either going to the gym or leaving the gym without makeup, but the women are so afraid to take off the makeup on camera when they go to the gym to workout?  I’m just saying…Hollywood needs to start portraying at least a little bit of truth in these movies.  If the ugly side of modelling has been exposed, with blemishes, et al., then why can’t these big screen beauties bare it all (that is, not get all dussied up) when they go to the gym on camera?  I think Hollywood shouldn’t show women in the gym if they can’t afford to go au naturale.  And yes, women do sweat!  Otherwise, why do women go to the gym.  I know it’s not to find a man, because women are just not that desperate nowadays…

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