Jennifer Aniston…Why?

Jennifer Aniston at the He's Just Not That Int...
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Can someone please tell me what Jennifer Aniston is up to?  It is so obvious that she has not gotten over Brad and Angelina’s beautiful family.  All the hype about Aniston is just ridiculous.  And that little bruhaha she had with Bill O’Reilly, fake.  America knows darn well that Aniston would never try and have a baby on her own.  She is just too darn afraid to do anything without a man.  Yes, women can and do have lives without men.  But not Jennifer Aniston…she’s just too insecure to attempt something like that.  The movie’s plot is predictable.  I just don’t think that spoilers should be displayed for some movies.  I like Jason Bateman, but not for this movie.  Accidentally mixing sperm?  This must make even makers of porn movies yawn.  It would have been more acceptable had Aniston filmed the movie with Gerard Butler.  Now that would have been a winner!  Just looking at Aniston and Bateman on screen is a no-no.  Somebody please get better roles for Jennifer.  She needs them so badly.  For Miss Aniston to get any credibility as a bonafide actress, she would have to go the Angelina route and play a mental patient…and play it well!  Otherwise, The Good Girl would get boring after a while.  Even then, it wouldn’t be a good time to Switch.

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