Oh Old Spice Man, Oh Old Spice Man

That Old Spice man
Image by bobster855 via Flickr

Oh Old Spice Man, Oh Old Spice Man

Where have you been?

Will we ever see you on Oprah again?

Your light shined so bright

when you came onto the scene

It seems someone has put out your light

in an effort to just be mean

Everything we saw

set you above the pack

I guess it’s against the law

to show what you got and what they lack

It might be the GOP

that wants to be in control

But you’ve got to stay on TV

Don’t let them steal your soul

You were once more popular than Obama

because you wore no clothes

Should we thank your mama

for your training in prose

There is no other like you

And that sure is a fact

What you should really do

is keep your game in tact

There are the nayers and yeaers

more want to see you fail

Good ole boys will remove black players

to protect their white tail

Keep it tight and keep it right

Stay on top of your game

Damn those who try to bite

and cover up your fame

One thought on “Oh Old Spice Man, Oh Old Spice Man

  1. Yeah! Where did old spice man go? Every man on TV doesn’t represent the ideal man in one’s life. Black women want to see their men on TV, too. Black men don’t wear that shit anyway!

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