A Story by TTBoy

It’s all over now.  The crowd’s gone home and the lights are lower now than when they were first made.  The janitor is sweeping away memories of the evening and picking up souvenirs.  But your soul remains in one of the corners that once rooted for you.  There’s the white towel.  If only…well, anyway.  The janitor is whistling your old theme song.  But the tune is too slow, it should go like… – It’s all over now.  You watch as the janitor takes his sweater from the platform and puts it on.  But why is he shaking when you’re…  As you move closer and closer towards the door, the lights get brighter and brighter, and the janitor takes off his sweater, places it back on the platform, wipes his face, and continues sweeping.  Suddenly, the locker room.  It’s been broken off.  Where’s your supporter?  Must be in with the t-shirts and towels.  Out getting washed.  And you thought you were spotless.  Your name can be read like a twenty-eight year old magazine.  It seems someone tore out a good part.  Or could it be…?  No, it just can’t be.  You just used it three days ago.  The picture of Marilyn is all crumbled up.  But, you hear her walking.  Oh, it’s only the janitor.  The water from his pail splashes on your shoes.  Guess he lucked out.  Who would have ever thought you’ll let the janitor clean your shoes?  But this is only by accident.  Luckily, he brought his sweater.  My, how cold it’s gotten.  Must be a window open.  There’s a program on the floor.  That janitor just won’t seem to let you pick it up.  Finally, a chance.  As a breeze blows, you remember when people told you you’d let three years slip through your fingers.

You find yourself back in darkness again.  You remember when the Master of Ceremonies announced you as the scholarship recipient.  Everyone cheered for you.  Not the runner-up.  Nobody likes a loser.  Nobody likes a loser.  You could have made it through with bright colors.  Didn’t know that scholarship was conditional, huh?  Next time, really be smart and don’t rush through life.  They all rooted for you.  You had it all.  It’s dark once again, now.  It’s also so warm.  You never did see if that program had your name on it.  Yeah, it is best to doubt it.  Nobody likes a loser.  Especially once they root for you.  Marilyn’s coming.  Not so sure it’s the janitor this time.  That smell is so sweet.  It’s darker now and the only light remains from behind the door.  But there is no door.  But someone’s standing there.  The smell is so sweet.  Nobody likes a loser.  Not even the janitor.  Not even the janitor.

© 2010 TTBoy

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