The Human Race Cover Up

The fullness of my heart

is too much for God to bear

as I wonder who really penned the phrase

“The Truth Shall Set You Free”

This is more of a plea for all to

change your heart

I want to change

even when I was not a part of their cause

I want to change

I want to change someone’s belief

that we are all not created equal

and that light bright and damn near white

is really right for a select few

In spite of my privilge I wanted to know

the truth

I wanted to dispell the truth of a history coverup

and that in the life of one type of somebody

lemonade can be made with lemons

and that the house was no more special

than the field

Who betrayed the human race?

Who gave up on the world the day Claudette Colvin

refused to give up her seat to one of my


A dark-skinned, single pregnant woman

did not stand a chance against the establishment

So they pushed her back

Then like a Lawrence Welk orchestration

came a milky complexion who was viewed as

different and non-typical

becoming their savior

Claudette was Rosa’s mother

She carried her for nine months


that she delivered one that could pass

Praised by an organization known for taking a


Rosa was used

ultimately convincing herself that she was the Mother

of the Montgomery Bus Boycott

due to her being seen then as a supermodel

so fair and truly with no care

for she could have stayed on that path

but wanted more

and spoke out

Welcomed with wide open arms

and conditioned to play the role as


Someone got into their skin

Brainwashed was a culture that

believed that the color of their skin did matter

and poor was the woman who scrubbed floors to

be able to purchase Pond’s Bleaching Cream

so that she could become a vital part of life

And their children today

believe more in Rosa as many parks have been named

after her

Brainwashed by an organization

who refuses to acknowledge that darkness truly

started a movement

and still does

Darkness falls everyday

prey to its leaders in their quest for righteousness

and judgment

proving the benefits of working in the house

rather than on it

Still fighting for constitutional rights

© 2010 TTBoy

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