Do You Have Herpes?

Do you have Herpes

 how does it feel

I’m only asking because it looks so real

Did you get it by fever

 or did you pleasure someone

I know you couldn’t have gotten it by laying in the sun

Did it show right away

 or did it take a long time

the lunch aide’s blister showed at the drop of a dime

Did you tell anybody yet

 I mean, am I the first to see it

The last person you were with won’t be happy one bit

Do you really have Herpes

 maybe it’s something else

Anyway, this is a time for you to be all by yourself

Did you use my dishes

 or even my toilet stool

I’m only asking ’cause that is the golden rule

Did you go to the doctor

 or even a psychatrist

Man I know you must really be pissed

Do you know how you got it

 do you think it was your ex

Oh, wait a minute!  Wasn’t that the guy who wrote the bad checks

© 2010 TTBoy

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