Miss Universe Pageant, tainted?

Carrie Prejean Miss California 2009
Image via Wikipedia

Can anyone really believe tonight’s outcome?  Tonight, after Miss Mexico gives her answer for the final question, she wins!  Was this for real?  Did Miss Mexico, really say that “It’s important to teach family values” and “I want the whole world to know about my country and my people?”  Well, news flash, Jimena Navarette, of Guadalajara, Mexico, what family values are you referring to.  Then again, with all the violence resulting in deaths due to drug trafficking, how is it she doesn’t already know that America is fully aware of this and the illegal immigrant situation?  In my opinion, Miss Mexico was given the answer to the question, she answered it, and the crowd went wild.  Seriously?  Wasn’t her win just compensation for the turmoil America has bestowed upon Mexico?  Was her win in America telling Mexico, “Okay, cease-fire?” 

It seems every year, the Miss Universe, and Miss America pageant, has had some controversy behind it.  Somehow and someway, it is so predictable that someone is bound to say something that is going to rile up viewers who will threaten to boycott the event.  Just remember Carrie Prejean, Miss California 2009 and ultimately Miss USA and the comment she made about same-sex marriage.  America was outraged.  But, despite her throw down, she was lucky enough to marry some guy and sneak back into obscurity.  Now, unless Miss Mexico has some Vanessa Williams secret hidden in her closet (as this seems to unnerve so many people), we can only speculate that she was given the crown of Miss Universe to ease the tension between the United States and Mexico.

I do wish Miss Mexico much love.  And, I do hope that she did win on her own merits.  Miss Philippines, thank you, girl!

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