The Economy and Car Rentals

Because of the state of the economy, as of August 24, 2010, are consumers renting vehicles when they have their own?
I understand that the airline industry is still booming, but for those who have the time and patience, along with medium to large families, are they taking to the friendly roads instead of the friendly skies? With auto sales on a decline, does that mean the same for car rentals? There has been no mention of an increase in gas prices, which may be due to unemployment being at an ultimate high.

Even car commercials describing one particular vehicle as being the “best selling” vehicle are almost obsolete. More and more dealerships are offering very attractive deals to entice sales. But just who is buying into those deals?

I was at a Toyota dealership earlier today and was amazed at the number of people scurrying in to have their vehicle serviced. I don’t think they would be servicing a rental.

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