Hey, Tiger! How about a new line…Clothing!

Welcome Back, Tiger! As a result of today’s activity at The Barclays, you are beginning to prove to all your nay-sayers that “Divorce does a body good!”. Although your divorce is over…Elin has her money and supposed peace, why is it that she can speak to People Magazine , but not Oprah? Anyway, she is hurt and it is your job to come back swinging successfully for your fans. This should be your therapy. Then again, you have helped so many people in ways you can’t even imagine…or, maybe you can. Do you realize that there really was no style on or off the golf course until you emerged? Women are finding any popular golfers attractive, as well as their golf clubs. And they have you to thank for that. You’re at the top, on top, whatever, and everyone wants to be you and do everything you do. Within monetary limits, that is. But I really wish you would consider a clothing line. Everybody has one. Don’t just get endorsed by an organization like Nike. It would be great if and when you can start endorsing others. You’re already a household name. No need to start small either. You’ve already bared your chest to Annie Liebowitz. Now, how about lending what made you, your name.

It’s safe to say that nobody likes a loser. But they do like a born-again winner. Remember, Tiger…Clothing line, cologne, movie company, Save-the-Music. The world wants you back; even if congratulations may be a little premature. Not you.

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