Something to do…to wind down your day

What do most Americans do when they have downtime? For many, after a hard day’s work, coming home and relaxing with your feet up and enjoying a brewski works just fine. Some just want to devote time to something they’ve sworn they would get back to later…reading, upholstering, dance lessons, listen to music, sleep. These are just a few of the things Americans want to do when they have more time. But has anyone ever just considered going to a park and just sitting still and catching the sights and sounds of the birds, watching people jog, feeling the wonderful breeze on your skin that makes you just want to start writing anything because, at the moment, that peace tells you to, or even listening and watching the waves of the creek or pond (whichever you may have) sway back and forth? What a terrific feeling and way to reconnect with yourself. Sure, you can take facebook with you and even your emails. But all that would defeat the purpose. What wouldn’t defeat the purpose would be to either sit and do nothing or chant (meditate) or yoga. Live. So what if you have issues that need tending to, you yourself are no good making hasty decisions. I am sure there are those out there who might disagree and say that you don’t need a park to get clarity or relaxation. Oh yeah? All I’m asking you to do is to try it! You’ll definitely like it. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall…just take a moment and give something back to your life, that’s all!
For couples, you can enjoy the park together just as long as you go with one thing in mind: relax. Learn to relax at the park of your choice. I guarantee you, you won’t be able to wait ’till you can do it again.

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