Big Brother 12…Do People Not Have A Television?

Really, I don’t understand what is going on with TV these days. In my opinion, the makers of these reality shows seem to be going for a younger, not so bright crew for their shows. With Big Brother 12, I wasn’t that shocked to not see any real ethnicity on the show. True, Monet was bi-racial and Enzo is Italian (I think), but that’s not enough. Monet was about as fair as Britney is on the show. For previous seasons, not only did we see our customary person of color on the show, we actually had people who watched the previous shows. They knew what to expect. Poor, physically-challenged yet jaded Brendon just could not get it right. Mouth Almighty (Rachel) and Body by Brendon could have lasted a lot longer had they tried to be a little less patronizing and demandingly flamboyant towards the other house guests. The two of them lasted as long as they could though. And, there’s gonna be hell to pay for those occupying the Jury House with now Brendon and his romancee, Rachel. But, tonight’s episode of Big Brother showed me that he was as clueless as clueless is. He really believed that “The Brigade” was going to keep him in the game over Lane’s showmancee, Britney. C’mon guys! Are you kidding me? Promises mean nothing in A GAME! Please understand this!! Why would you go and talk to someone who you know hates your guts and can’t wait to get you out of the house? A game is a game. It’s all strategy. The current members in the house have truly skated by by the graces of someone else…okay, luck. The alliances were so obvious until it makes me wonder just how difficult it is to not see one. It makes me want to go into the Big Brother House and play the game. Some of the houseguests have really good agents. They would have to get on that show. I just don’t see how Ragan. Enzo or Kristen got on the show otherwise. Backtracking, remember Annie? Annie was the first houseguest evicted for being stupid. Her mistake? She went up and consoled the two nominees for eviction at the time, Brendon and Rachel. You just don’t do that.

Does it really take an idiot to go to the end…or is it about sheer luck? Because strategy will bite you hard! Geniuses, prodigies, the religious…it makes no difference. It’s a game. Trust no one – not even the other half of your showmance.

If the producers of the reality shows are trying for a younger audience, shame on you. It’s just not worth it! There are older people in the world who want to be able to identify with someone on tbe program. With no regard for even their own outside world, the younger crowd will cause your ratings to dip from earlier shows. Big Brother is a great show. There is no need for you guys to become like “American Idol” or even the sad “So You Think You Can Dance.”. SYTYCD – you had so much talent in the audition shows, yet you went for the camera candy. Young Camera Candy. American Idol just did it all wrong! No eye candy and the wrong winner.

Big Brother 12 – Color, Confidence, and Clarity

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