Rasmussen Reports Poll

Rasmussen Reports Poll actually polls “Likely Voters.” With this in mind, the numbers are in favor of the Republican Party. Why? Does America remember when we began to feel the economy on the decline? All this actually started with the Republican Party. President Bush and his members made sure his work was smoothed out prior to his leaving office. The move wasn’t done without notice. However, all the moves made by the Republican Party, under Bush’s reign, were supported by the Democrats. Thus, somebody said many a prayer that went unanswered. Now, with a scapegoat in place, there is, nor was there ever a chance that any of the promises made under the “CHANGE” campaign could ever come to fruition. Many people scoffed at at Michael Moore’s, “Capitalism: A Love Story,” when he brought the Republican Party to light, uncovering and exposing America’s fall. The banking system, the housing market, ( leading to the Iraqi and Afghan wars), all depleting our nation of our most necessary resources: money and jobs. It’s great that the housing interest rates are declining, but what’s so good about it when no one can afford to buy one? But, there are those foreigners who can afford to buy The American Dream” right out from under us. As Americans are losing their jobs, foreigners are bringing their own in to work for their own heritage. Who approved this? Is this what Free Trade is about? Yet, Rasmussen is showing that Americans trust Republicans more. And, we are prone to believe what we see in print, in the media.

America, this is not an American Idol opinion poll. This is for real. Then again, America never has voted for the real talent. Even when the sound is all over the place…pitchy

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