To Drug Test or Not To Drug Test…does it really benefit a company either way?

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Are there really any studies that prove drug testing or maintaining a drug-free environment really benefit a company? 

With Californians easily able to obtain a Medical Marijuana License, nobody complains about drug testing.  And that cost for obtaining a Medical Marijuana License can be obtained anywhere around $25 or $35, depending on who writes it for the customer (not consumer).  But anywhere other than California, companies are hell-bent on drug testing.  Why?  There is absolutely no proof that drug testing will increase poor work performance.  It is for sure that violence has never been the result of one smoking pot.  A few years ago, a young lady said that her having eaten a poppy seed bagel caused her to test positive for THC.  She said that she had had that certain bagel on the day of her drug test.  As I recall, she advised the lab administering the test that she had eaten the poppy seed bagel.  Needless to say, the young lady got the job and is still working for them.  Can anyone use this excuse?  If not, why?  I am sure that there are other foods out there that will cause one to test positive for THC.  The least amount of THC will render a potential employee ineligible for hire.

Drug Testing is quite expensive.  And, to recoop some of the company’s losses due to the costs, companies may often charge the employee after they are hired.  Is this fair?  It seems like it would almost be an Employment Finders Fee.  But, in this economy, who would object to paying a price for a real job?  Then what about random drug testing?  Is it really random?  What’s the real reason behind it?  Who bears the cost of it?

In short, what benefits a company to drug test?  To me, drug testing is a lot like taking the SATs.  Drug Testing is really no direct measure of anything except to say that the person being tested has no toxins in their system at the time of the test and they probably haven’t had a bowel movement in a few days.  Maybe constipation could be the reason for violence at the workplace.  Not smoking weed, or pot. 

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