Touched by an Angel and Martha Williamson…where are you?

Cover of "Touched by an Angel"
Cover of Touched by an Angel


I call upon the powers of the great writer, producer, and director of the hit show Touched by an Angel, Martha Williamson.  Touched by an Angel was Martha Williamson’s baby.  The show, which featured Della Reese as Tess (a strong-willed, straight-laced angel) and Monica, played by Roma Downey, was a hit until some brain child at CBS decided to remove the spirit based show from the Sunday Night lineup to a Saturday lineup instead.  Touched by an Angel had its highest ratings from the third season to its last.  Airing September 21, 1994 and concluding April 27, 2003, Touched by an Angel is still loved by many and condemned by more.  

At the beginning of Touched by an Angel’s popularity, the world was nestled in its own glee.  Since everything was going so well in the world with no worry about jobs or foreclosures, there was no need to be religious or spiritual.  In other words, there was just no need for God at the time.  Now, would be a great time to resurrect Martha Williamson, don’t you think?  I am not a religious person, but I do believe that the spirit of a higher power runs within all of us.  Some of us just need to find that something to feel good about and project it to the world.  For Touched by an Angel, Martha Williamson has God-sent angels to earth to deliver a message that He loves them.  The angels only deliver the message and do not alter the humans course of events due to their free will.  This was such a feel good show.  I am so happy that the Hallmark channel airs episodes of the program nightly.  Someone scoffed at a comment Della Reese made at the beginning of her contract signing – when she said that God told her the show would air for 10 years.  Although the show only last nine years – it was Man who caused the show to fall.  Not God.  I think the show could possibly still be running today, if it wasn’t for that network executive who took it upon himself to change God’s course.  Where is he or she now?  I know Martha Williamson is out there producing or even writing something for someone else.  And, I hope that she has not become disheartened by what happened with Touched by an Angel.  Della Reese, who is now a preacher in her church in Los Angeles, I am sure would love to come back and deliver God’s message to an again wider audience.  Roma Downey is still acting – and I understand she is the wife of television producer Mark Burnett.  Monica or Roma will always be my favorite angel.  Even though I sometimes wanted her to move a little faster with God’s message, in hindsight, she was right on time.  Everyone was, really.  Valerie Bertinelli, the newly created angel right before our eyes in the second to last season, made me wince whenever I found that she would be in an episode.  I guess it was because of her virgin nature that I couldn’t see how she could help anyone find their way.  Boy, was I wrong.  The Angel of Death, Andrew, played by John Dye, gave the Angel of Death a softer and gentler feel and appearance.  

There is one episode of Touched by an Angel in particular that still holds dear to me.  The episode is entitled, “Netherlands.”  The original air date of the episode was May 6, 2001.  Although the air date was just five months prior to the catastrophe of 9/11, there is just so much feeling involved in that show.  Valerie Bertinelli befriends a little girl who has to accompany her mom on her quest for work.  As this is Gloria’s first day of existence, she is guided by Monica to assist the little girl in any way they or she can, until they see Andrew walk into the office building that little Madeline and her mom goes into.  The building explodes and Monica then questions God’s existence in allowing something like that to happen.  Each soul is guided out of the bombed building by their own angel that takes them home.  Madeline doesn’t die right away.  But it takes Monica on a journey to find God again, by encountering, the Driver (the devil), played by Mandy Patinkin who tempts her into believing that her God has failed her.  Doubtful, Monica embraces the driver – but sees through his deceit only to have not received proof of God’s love for her.  Then, at her lowest, her faith is restored and the driver – devil, who sped in driving his Black Mercedes Sports Car and blaring the song, Gloria, by Laura Brannigan, seems to disintegrate into thin air.  For me, this proved that although angels are sent to earth with a message from God, their faith in Him is tested as well. 

Everyday we are tested.  Our sight often deceives us as the ones we believe to be meek prove to be the most destructive.  There was a time, maybe it does still exist, where a person’s race was indicative of their potential behavior.  Not today.  Because people are so caught up into their own problems and issues, they fail to see the hurt or pain in others, let alone feel it.  People will often deny that a problem every existed even after the proof or truth is exposed to them.  Tension is flaring everywhere and even spontaneously.  Now remember, I am not a religious person, but I do feel spiritual.  My faith was tested just the other day as I was out walking my little Peek-a-Poo.  There were some children playing in their front yard.  I did not speak to the children, nor was there even a reason for me to look in their direction – for I was more concerned about my little one doing her business on someone else’s lawn (making sure I brought a baggie with me).  As the children all yelled, “I like your doggie,” one after another, I continued walking only throwing my hand up and saying, “Thank you.”  Out of nowhere, I hear a woman’s voice yelling to the children, “…remember, we do not talk to strangers…”  And I was on the other side of the street.  Yes, I was touched by this.  I continued walking, feeling with each step the person wanted me to look in their direction.  I did not.  And neither did my little one.  

Even if Touched by an Angel doesn’t return as a series, what about an occasional episode, Martha?  From what I can see, God has been really good to the main characters that were on the show.  Let’s give America, and even the world, something to look forward to again on television instead of another reality show.  I feel it in my bones that Angels will triumph over Big Brother.  With other mistakes made by network executives, like cancelling Ghost Whisperer and adding silliness like Mike & Molly and even a remake of Hawaii Five-0 (you’ve got to be kidding me!  Have you seen who is portraying Steve McGarrett?  Dan-O is now stemming from a coke-snorting agent on Entourage).  Is there truly any talent left in Hollywood?  I have even been trying to revive Jennifer Aniston’s career with a fantastic new screenplay I wrote specifically for her.  But for now, Martha, Hollywood needs you.  The world needs you to bring Heaven back to earth. 

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