Birthday Poem

The Greatest Birthday

A Poem by TTBoy

Another candle added to the same likeable

 but delicious fattening product full of MSG

 and solid gold made by Mother Dear

There are no presents present but the event

 is sure to bring out the best and worst in everyone

 Music beginning to blare

 Guests arriving and filing towards the veranda and


 I love just calling it my backyard where I can take

 my fishing pole

Sisters arguing with one another

 Oh joy

My brother bringing yet another potential baby mama

 who thinks it’s all about her

 until they all see me

And it’s all about me for this moment

 and until they file out

Stepdad on the grill

 Auntie wondering why the event wasn’t a catered affair

 until she tastes mother’s banana pudding that even she craves so much

Eyes are rolled at her anyway

 her newly acquired funds still can’t buy her the class required

 for this event

Dressed to impress

 even the children congratulate me and does not bother to panic

 when a spill taints his Burberry polo

Little Charly sings Happy Birthday in the sweetest soprano

 ever exalted by a four year old

 and then she hugs me with applause

And as the tears well up my vision

 there are flickers of fire flies and the warmth of my Grandmother

 Auntie and Uncle who have gone before me

And the tears fall

 for this is a perfect day with pain and misery untold

loving Mother ever more for her concentration to detail

 and knowing she had a long talk with Mother Nature

She knows about my tears

 for love, pain, death, life knows of age but cannot discriminate

She is Mother

 and my greatest gift sees to it that there is enough for everyone

 and announces that it is time to cut the cake

 as if it is a wedding ceremony

© 2010 TTBoy

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