And All That Jazz

A be-bop and you don’t stop

Lose one genre and there’s a flop

The hip hop cool artists of yesterday

have paved the way for them today


They created and played the high notes

that today enable youngsters to buy cars and boats

And planes, trains, and automobiles

tell the stories of how one feels


Just listen closely today and you’ll hear

all the disrespect and ample fear

For many would like to forget the past

and use their talent and keep the cash


Their parents have not taught them

of the role they played in history

As melodic as a gospel hymn

without proper credit jazz artists aren’t even a mystery


There are those of yesteryear

when vibing to a mixed tune

would silently and gently cheer

tossing their head back towards the moon


Reflecting so on days of old

can then bring resentment and fear

For sharing tales of glory and gold

today is thought best kept in the rear


And all that Jazz still is heard

It’s just not remembered the way it should be

But today is today with the spoken word

And the stage is set for those we see

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