Sex with a Black Guy – why do comedians like to make a joke of it?

Cover of "Mandingo"
Cover of Mandingo

Is it so bad to have sex with a black guy?  I mean, many people do it.  It’s just that, for a white comedian or comedienne, it’s a dream come true to use it in a joke.  What exactly is the big deal?  You don’t have people saying, “Hey, why don’t you go have sex with an Indian guy?” or “You walk like you just had sex with an Asian guy.”  Comedienne Lisa Lampanelli loves to include having sex with black men in her comedy acts.  Lisa is not afraid to be candid about anything or any subject.  Making reference to the Mandingo complex, Lisa will often rebut the damage by talking about how disgusting the color of a black man would be next to her skin.  She just ain’t having it.  Really?  During a roast for Larry the Cable Guy, Reno, pretends to read Larry’s notes that he likes to have sex with black guys.  For a while after the inauguration of Barack Obama, I thought the Black was out.  Hollywood just seemed to not want to cast any black people, let alone black women.  The closest thing to black that Hollywood promoted was Indian.  And I do mean, Indian from India.  You knew they were Indian because they just couldn’t hide that dialect.  All in all, we will see as many white men totally nude as Hollywood will throw at us, but to see the entire nude body of a real black man is just too taboo.  Full-frontal nudity.  There are just so many black men out there ready, willing, and able to proudly display his goods for the world.  And when I say black, I do not mean high-yellow or obviously interracial.  Black.  Quite simply, Black.  Would it take away the mystique of a black man if he doesn’t speak with the Black dialect?  Not all black men sound the same.  They don’t even talk the same way.  Those particular men are called “Articulate.”  Why doesn’t the media make that distinction for a white person from the trailer park and one from Beverly Hills?  Having sex with a Black guy could help with your arthritis.  Doctor say that having sex lubricates the joints.  If that is the case, Betty White must be having orgies all the time.  Mae West didn’t discriminate.  Marilyn Monroe said that all a man had to do to have sex with her was ask.  But I think the Black guy the comedians refer to in their jokes are the black guys that look like they just got off of the slave boat.  Not Blair Underwood.  Maybe, Isaiah Washington and Levar Burton, even Warren Sapp.  There is such a thing as a “Pretty Black Guy.”  And, people, the stupid saying that “All Black people look-alike” is ridiculous.  They do not; and they are not all the same color.  Neither do all Black guys screw the same way.  Yes, there are the typical positions:  missionary, doggie-style, etc but, depending on the guy, pain will not allow one to rest in any position.  It just happens.  Maybe that’s the joke comedians try to make.

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