Prince and Joan Jett – please do the song together!

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Prince Rogers Nelson and Joan Jett, two of the most enigmatic performers of our time may be putting out a single. The single, “Strawberries and Hollywood,” may not have been recorded together but the song will definitely have a memorex feel and sound to it. Prince may have written the song (performing on all instruments), Joan may have her solo. Can you believe it…real music for the masses! Although Prince may still be seeking a distributor for his next album, a double-CD (his most eclectic and commercial to date) with a title yet to be named, he is still in hot demand…even after he said, “…the internet is dead…” on the BET Awards Show. Prince is just looking for the right distributor who will allow him to put out the singles on his own terms. Joan Jett, since her told story with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning in The Runaways, she has not been shy about staying on the rock circuit. Not one for really jamming in an impromptu fashion, Joan definitely leaves her fans wanting more. And more does she give them. With her character-trademarked sweat and eye mascara, Joan is the most likely of all rockers to bring the house down with Prince. Remembering the days of Prince’s, “Controversy,” one must remember the days of Joan Jett’s, “Crimson and Clover.” Two powerful jams, even if Joan didn’t write her song. “Strawberries and Hollywood” a tale about the rise of an artist through Hollywood’s sweet seduction eventually succumbing to the seedy pitfalls and cheap mistaken royal drink of life. Sounding more like the life fantastic, if you ask me. Afterwards, Joan could be doing the song, “Silver Spoon.” What a collaboration that could be!

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