American Idol and Jennifer Lopez — DO NOT MIX OIL WITH WATER!

Former logo of American Idol from 2002 to 2008.
Image via Wikipedia

Replacing one diva with another?  Didn’t people from Jennifer Lopez’s camp send a photo to the people of American Idol a couple of weeks ago displaying her vast collection of jewels?  Along with that photo, didn’t the caption read, “…American Idol, who?”  By American Idol giving into the demands of this failed “artist” only shows how desperate the show is.  Of all the other hundreds of practical replacements for Simon Cowell, A.I. wants an attention hound like “Jenny from the Block?”  If I was a contestant on that show, I would feel nothing but contempt.  Signora Lopez has not sold a record in gosh knows how long.  But, I must say, she has a great P.R. person.  She seems to get on the cover of more magazines than La Tyra Banks (someone more credible to grace pages of fashion magazines).  With no real talent, how can A.I. really expect contestants to take her criticisms seriously.  This person hasn’t even had a critically acclaimed movie to her name.  Had “Jenny from the Block” not invested in Telemundo, would she not be able to afford the lavish-veiled lifestyle she flaunts?  What is her production company called?  Does she have one?  I remember Tyra’s as Bankable Productions.  This, unfortunately is an article on someone with no Hollywood talent.  I bet you, if Jenny does occupy a chair at A.I., she will demand promoting her own work before any other featured performer on the show.  Don’t do it, American Idol!  Please re-consider what you are getting yourself into.  If you want a porn setting for FOX, with low-cut dresses, and newly promoted Kim Kardashian bootyliciousness, allow Jenny on your show.  Having her on the show, we will probably get the chance to see those children of hers that the show “Dirt” depicted.  So many other candidates…Shania Twain, wait a minute…why have a permanent person in the seat anyway?  Why not just have a replaceable person each week?  Dolly would be available.  Reba would be available.  Beyonce would be available.  Katy Perry would be available.  Just have two permanent judges and one guest appearance.  That would be your best bet, A.I.

Please, for the sake of returning to a formula that is pure and holy…make the show about the contestants and their (uh hmm) talent.  Someone is creating a recipe for disaster!  Steven Tyler is already on a road to nowhere.  I miss the old recipe.  I’m sure the past, present, and future American Idol fans would give their time again to see the original three.  Come back, Paula!

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