Big Brother 12–and so on…How well do you know your contestants?

Ragan was pissed that BB did not play the songs he wants so he repeats to Enzo something he told BB into his microphone earlier in the day.

“I will do the opposite of operation red, I will take an Aids infected needle and go to Africa and start stabbing babies with it”

Are you kidding me?  This is the same person that Big Brother claimed America wanted as their “Saboteur.”  The high-strung homosexual of the house said this because he didn’t get his way from Big Brother.  How Dare You!  Is this the reason Big Brother got no one of color on this show?  This is just another form of racism, if you ask me.  Please spare me the rhetoric by saying that this is a misunderstanding and that we don’t have the whole picture.  This alone, is enough!  Then again, acting as Saboteur, Ragan has sabotaged a lot for America.  I have always liked watching Big Brother, but after this CAM4 display, I really do believe that the numbers of people viewing Big Brother 12 have been skewed.  Ragan and Rachel have been the most vocal in the Big Brother house.  Yet Rachel has never said anything so demeaning as what Ragan said 9/01.  Such an angry little man who is posing as a professor.  It makes me wonder if he has any “African” students in his class.  Wow, people really feel as if they can say whatever they want nowadays and get away with it.  Big Brother needs to get some real players in the house from now on and stop getting the headshots from agents.  Many of the houseguests, if not all of them, should be psychologically screened before being allowed on the show.  Unless Big Brother wants the unexpected.  I do remember Chima.  Where is she now?  Silent!  If Big Brother is going to allow people of such caliber onto the show, maybe they shouldn’t edit so much.  Show the contestants for what and who they really are:  evil patrons fighting to stay popular after the show. 

I wonder if Big Brother Africa has heard about Ragan’s comment.  They should be appalled.


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