D.U.I. — Automatic 3 days in jail for Hollywood Stars

Faith Evans
Image via Wikipedia

I don’t think it’s too much for a judge to give a Hollywood Star three days in jail for a D.U.I.  It’s the least the judge can do.  And, if that’s not enough, the brats are to go into a regular cell with all other criminals.  I might feel bad for them if they are too drunk to stand up.  Hollywood should really consider a new version of the movie “Scared Straight.”  I loved that movie!  But, it would be for real!  No actors, except those headed to jail. 

What was Faith Evans doing in Marina del Rey?  There was nothing in Marina del Rey that Faith could have needed.  Did someone kick her off their boat at the dock?  I find it hard to believe that Miss Faith would take a chance on drinking while intoxicated.  Where was she headed to so quickly that she needed to jump in her own car?  I can’t believe she didn’t have a driver.  I mean, she is Faith Evans, the once married to The Notorious B.I.G., Faith Evans.  The money shouldn’t have run out yet.  Has it come to this…Faith out of the spotlight and needing her Whitney notoriety now?j

From now on, no one is safe from an automatic 3 days in jail for a D.U.I.  Even if you are just running to the store to pick up more alcohol.  An officer shouldn’t even bother getting the star’s version of the event.  Keep the camera rolling though.  Go directly to jail!  Do not allow them to call their agent until morning.  Should TMZ appear on the scene first, then so what.  An arrest is always a precursor to a reality show anyway!

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