R.I.P. Syracuse, New York — God Bless Mayor Lee Alexander

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Syracuse, New York – the home of Syracuse University, Syracuse University Orangemen, Jim Boeheim, Al Roker and ’80s glee.  In the 1980’s, Syracuse, New York was the place to be.  With unemployment being low, Syracuse University thriving, nightlife booming, and black new reporters like Al Roker (Weatherman) and Kai Maxwell being Syracuse favorites, love was in the air.  People were happy.  People knew that their medical needs were met, no one would go hungry, and everybody got along.  And the person responsible for all that, ex-Mayor Lee Alexander.  Mayor Lee Alexander could have been Syracuse’s Mayor for life.  Everyone loved Lee.  That’s what I remember people calling him.  Lee.  With Mayor Lee Alexander in charge, Syracuse was a clean city.  People actually cared about what went on with their town.  Children were going to school – and completing school.  Vocational schools like Central Tech and O.C.C. (Onondaga Community College) really benefitted teenagers.  Many of those students today owe a great deal to Mayor Lee Alexander for helping to keep those schools open and for giving them experience for careers that they have been able to maintain for 20 years or longer.  Employers like:  Pass & Seymour, Manpower, Carrier, Miller Brewing Factory all brought prosperity to hundreds of thousands of Syracusans during the 70s and 80s.  Mayor Lee Alexander was considered the John F. Kennedy of his town and time.  He was a people person.  You could go up to Mayor Lee Alexander and shake his hand, if he was out in public.  And, he listened to his people.  But someone or some people were not in his corner.  Like, J.F.K., Mayor Lee Alexander would fall – in hopes that he would be forgotten and despised.  Hailed as the best Mayor the Salt City, Lee Alexander held the position as Mayor of Syracuse, New York from 1970 to 1985.  He was a man, the beloved soul, who could have been Mayor for life.  With more charm than Rudolph Valentino, Mayor Lee Alexander was the reason most of downtown Syracuse was built.  But, there was a cost for his love of his people.  Accused and later convicted for accepting kickbacks from builders of downtown Syracuse, Mayor Lee Alexander’s reign came to an end July 1985.  He served six years in prison on federal racketeering.  This was the death of Syracuse, New York.  Since his demise, Syracuse has seen only dark days for its people.  Mayor Lee Alexander died on Christmas Day 1996. Mayor Lee Alexander has to be constantly turning in his grave today.  Just one mention of Syracuse to anyone outside of the city, let alone the state, and they cringe.  It’s almost as if Syracuse is a dirty word for many people.  Syracuse is now considered the “low-end” of New York State.  Yet, the inhabitants of Syracuse pay the same amount in taxes than New York City proper.  Why?  Driving through Syracuse, one would see so many abandonded buildings, dirty streets, filthy exteriors of schools, playgrounds unfit to be played on, run-down grocery stores, and even hotels that are questionable.  And, above all that, you can barely find a person of color occupying any position in a company there.  How can this be?  Also, there are so many youngsters in authority in these companies that have no customer service training.  There was a time when people considered the South as being slow and backwards.  Well, Syracuse…guess what.  You may hold that title now.  I will admit that Syracuse appears to be a town that houses retired or those receiving permanent disabilty benefits – but why are there no companies flocking to the city of Syracuse?  There will never be another Mayor Lee Alexander, a real people person.  And it seems that every single Democrat in office today is being investigated for something – some created violation used to set them back.  Even with Barack Obama in office, there has been no advancement for any person of color.  Syracuse is the poster child of that way of thinking.  If there are companies that want to come in and employ the people of Syracuse, who is behind the decision?  Something is wrong with this picture.  Do the people of Syracuse even know who their Mayor is?  The Mayor obviously is not vocal enough to get anything done.  Why did the companies of the 70s, 80s, and 90s leave Syracuse?  This is a mystery that needs to be investigated.  With Syracuse University still seen as a major competitor in the academic field, the Syracuse New York State Fair is just as popular when it opens August 26 to September 6.  The Fair calls for those living on the outskirts of Syracuse – maybe even those out-of-state.  But the bottom line is many of the residents of Syracuse can’t even afford to attend their own State Fair.  Something has to be done…and soon!  Although Syracuse is considered Central New York, I wonder if it is possible for a city to disappear.  So, to change the name of the city of Syracuse, you would have to change the name of Syracuse University.  Or would you?  Cultural Diversity seems to be at its worst in the Salt City.  Who is really benefitting from the inequities and transgressions of Syracuse, New York?  Mayor Lee Alexander may have gone some unethical things to get his city up and running and continuing to thrive during his day, but what is the excuse today?  It appears that Lee Alexander was investigated for all the wrong reasons in 1985.  Personal persecutions are rampant today with today’s Governor of New York City, Governor Paterson, and his taking of ball tickets (this has been done by others before him – no investigation done), ethics violator Congresswoman (D) Maxine Waters and others (Democrats) who have done nothing out of the ordinary.  Mayor Lee Alexander was convicted of taking kickbacks to better his city – yet, everyone would deny that it’s possible to take kickbacks to leave a city or town destitute. Rest In Peace, Syracuse

2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Syracuse, New York — God Bless Mayor Lee Alexander

  1. The guy that wrote this crap never lived in Syracuse. I did and Alexander the crook was mayor. Syracuse sucked as soon as I graduated I left and never returned. i HEAR IT STILL SUCKS.

  2. I love your blog.. very nice colors and theme. Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. thanks a lot

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