US Open Tennis and Lacoste flubs promoting a different picture of Venus Williams

Venus Williams at the 2008 WTA Tour Championships
Image via Wikipedia


Earlier today, there was an article posted about Venus Williams and her move to the 4th round at the US Open.  It was a very nice article that told of Venus’s third round opponent, Mandy Minella 185th seed of Luxembourg, 6-2,  6-1 on September 3.  The article also displayed Venus’s stats:  Grand Slam singles titles at the US Open 2000 and 2001.  She also was the runner-up at the US Open 1997 and 2002.  But what was so disturbing was what was on the page of the article.  Instead of Venus Williams’ picture being displayed, there was a picture of Samantha Stosur with a congratulatory photo welcoming her as for having Lacoste as a sponsor.  Wow!  What a way to put another image in someone’s brain.  With the way the caption read, it was easy to disregard that and go right to the photo image of Samantha in the lower left-hand corner of the article.  This was truly a slap in the face for anyone lucky enough to read the article today around 12:00pm eastern standard time.  Then, by 7:00pm, the photo of Samantha Stosur had been removed and the title of the article completely changed.  

Is it safe to say that this was an “honest” mistake?  Did someone else notice this before it was written about?  Shame on whoever posted the article in the first place.  Then again, that original ad could have been a call to everyone to show that Samantha Stosur received Lacoste as a sponsor and Venus doesn’t have one.  Although Venus is in a Tide commercial, I don’t think Tide is her sponsor for the US Open.  How would Gisela’s camp like it if Venus’ picture was posted alongside an article designed for her?  I don’t think she would be all that pleased with that. 

As of today, September 6, 2010, that photo image ad of Samantha Stosur is back on Venus Williams’ article page. 

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