The Miracle

The Miracle

A Poem by TTBoy

You arrived five months early

 with more stress on you than


Expected to take the pressures

 off your world

 preparations were made as farewell

 swirled the stairwell of houses and healing



 as if exhaustion was your best friend

 until Mommy’s heartbeat was felt by you

  and her skin smelled so sweet

She said she would die for you many times

 before as she withstood cast iron whippings

  for expressing love out of wedlock

 Her life was taken then as she could

  not live without you

Years of memories

 breaking the cycle

  A memory is needed to stop the pain

Even if you will belong to another

 waiting to take you away

But time will not permit your tiny lips

 to place sincerity on her tearful face


 You two will meet again

© 2010 TTBoy

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