Lady Gaga — A Copycat? What! Then again, who cares?

IMG_0566 Lady GAGA
Image by SpreePiX - Berlin via Flickr

With everything and everybody going on today, who cares if someone is pretty much doing the same thing?  In the days of Madonna, fashion did not really come with such a high price tag as they do today.  As Lady Gaga can sport such fashions as Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Lagerfeld…,etc. (and I am sure they are not borrowed), back in Madonna’s time, she could not really afford to do what Gaga does today.  As time has progressed, so has ticket prices and costs of CDs.  If Gaga can continue at the pace she is going, she will surpass Madonna’s bankroll in about seven years.  Already with a production company, stints on popular shows like Gossip Girl, and a real voice that people want to hear, Gaga is definitely more bankable than Madonna. 

What’s so appealing about Lady Gaga is that she is uncompromising.  As Madonna made Britney the destructive creature she is, we know that Gaga will not allow herself to get that close to anyone.  There was talk, during Madonna’s play with the Kabbala, that she introduced Kevin Federline to Britney at the time Britney was holding the Guinness Book of World Records title for the Highest Earning Concert Tour by a Female.  Kevin Federline was the distraction that Madonna needed to derail Britney’s fame.  It worked.  Then, Madonna was on top.  Now, there is Lady Gaga who cannot be touched by anyone.  And now, Madonna wants to tour with Gaga.  No way, May Day!

What’s undeniable is the talent.  There were many acts in the ’80s that started lip syncing:  Milli Vanilli.  When Madonna performed Vogue for the first time at the MTV Music Awards, she pre-recorded a choreographed version of the song specifically for the show.  To date, Lady Gaga has not been accused of lip syncing.  In fact, Gaga will not perform for anyone if she has to lip sync.  Why would anyone with any real talent today want to do that?  I remember at the advent of Madonna’s Blonde Ambition Tour, women would say that she was just too risqué and vulgar.  Madonna may have been the grandest manipulator of her time.  She definitely has the funds to support that.  Lady Gaga’s image masks what is corrupt in today’s society.  Since the government is all about money and failure, Gaga has become her own government by talking about money and flaunting the reality of being beautiful and filthy rich.  Now, mind you, Gaga didn’t ask Madge to go on tour with her.  Madge wants to tour with Gaga.  Gaga, having Madge on tour with you is like Jennifer Lopez inking a deal with American Idol.  That would be your suicide.  Don’t even consider it! 

What Lady Gaga does today puts more taste in what Madonna did in the ’80s and ’90s.  Although Madonna is still performing, that’s not the same as CDs and album sales remaining high.   Everyone does what they can to stay viable and relevant.  For Madonna, using Glee as an outlet is fantastic to keep your name in the spotlight.  However, Lady Gaga is viewed as more relevant today with or without the show Glee.  With many seeing Gaga as an attention hound, they do forget that an attention hound seeks fame (Jennifer Lopez).  It’s completely different when you are seen in public and the paparazzi stalks you.  That just prompts one to do something odd.  That’s something Madonna used to do too!

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