The Economy would still be a mess, even without Obama

Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...
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It’s fairly obvious what is wrong with the world today.  There’s a darkness in the White House and people don’t like it.  People want to restore honor in America and in the White House.  That only means one thing:  they don’t want someone like Obama dictating anything to them.  Palin states it, daily.  Beck goes to bed thinking about it.  Rush Limbaugh got married – possibly for fear of being alone during sickness.  The GOP can’t stomach Obama, and tells him so every single day he opens his mouth.  And it got worst on Labor Day.

Would someone please explain to me how putting $50 million into a plan for workers to rebuild roads, railways and runways is going to bring relief to the 10 percent of Americans without a job?  Exactly what percent of that 10 plus percent of the unemployed make up those workers that President Obama plans to put to work?  I understand that the GOP is blocking funding for employers to higher new employees – but what kind of jobs are they talking about?  Does the President really have the world’s best interest in his interest?  We are talking about a great deal more jobs than just railway construction.  What about the hospitality industry, nursing industry, and the teaching profession?  Has anybody made the suggestion to bring back some of those jobs that were moved overseas back to the United States of America?  I know I’ve been asking a lot of questions, but is anybody else asking these questions?  I remember when the fashion/textile industry was booming until the work went overseas just so the corporations could save money.  Who’s profiting now?  The overseas workers.  The United States was so money hungry until we didn’t see the future’s Big Picture.  Now, a country that the United States has helped considerably, India, is flourishing with their own company.  Wipro, an Indian-based tech company has now infiltrated America and is growing.  The majority of the United States’s customer service jobs have gone to Indian-based companies.  Why?  Because of someone allowed it to happen.

Labor Day 2010, Jon Manley, the spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, warned, “If we are going to get anything done, Republican cooperation, which has been all but non-existenat recently, will be necessary.”  Again, where would the money go and what jobs would be created?  I cannot see a “New Jobs Program” anywhere.  When I hear the word, “Program,” I hear temporary.  Just how long will this last, if it happens at all.  It was nice to finally hear President Obama say that he inherited the problems that he is faced with today.  I only wish that he would have stressed that time and time again.  It’s not fair to disagree with plans that President Obama wants to implement just to disagree with them.  The true colors of the GOP are being shown when that happens.  But the American people are either too blind to see it – or they just don’t want to see it.  At the beginning of 2007, many Americans were beginning to lose their jobs.  By inauguration day, joblessness, foreclosures, and despair were in full swing.  All that America had lost with the end of the Republican reign was forgotten and a scapegoat was created.

Did President Obama really win the election?  Or was he given the election because no one else really knew what to do with it?  I truly believe that there was a group that knew the real state of the economy.  There hasn’t been very much change since the election other than the media making evictions more prominent, violence more prominent, and the hate for one’s color more evident.  He’s not asking for a break.  He’s asking for a chance to make the world a better place.  It’s not going to happen if he’s fought at every angle.  It’s even worse when his some of his own cabinet members don’t support his ideas.  So, for those who do support his ideas, just cause is being created to attack them.

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