Hell hath no fury like a non-American scorned for one of its jobs

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Talk about a dream deferred!  Not only is and has America taken jobs away from Americans, it is laughing in the faces of its own people.  Sure, some would probably say that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would be proud just to have a statue of himself erected.  But his cause was not to promote a non-American to do what an American can do.  With millions of Americans out of work, why couldn’t the twelve or so people needed to erect the statue come from America?  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ‘s fight was not with foreigners – though to have at least one of his own race and American would at least comfort some.  It’s not fair to say that 95% versus 5% isn’t a problem.  Why not 100% American?  Who created this problem?  The years 2007 and 2008 saw the world under a different reign.  That is why 2010 proves such a decision to be a serious bitch slap.  Should Americans be upset?  Of course, they should be upset.  It appears that the 2008 dream of change came to fruition, while the original dream of 1963 has been shattered. 

Another another earth shattering note, the British have done it again!  They have infiltrated our airways in ways that behoove no one.  Kat Deeley, and Nigel Lythgoe are two more prominent figures on American television.  But there is one Brit who sets himself apart from the pack.  I am talking about Simon Cowell.  With Nigel Lythgoe’s, So You Think You Can Dance reigning supreme as a top dance show, his producing American Idol has helped Simon Cowell become a villainous hero to Americans alike.  Now, thinking back two seasons of Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump promoted a more swarthy version of Simon Cowell…Piers Morgan.  After showing more evil, wicked, and dispicableness than Omarosa, Piers channeled that brawn into a different gig, America’s Got Talent.  This time, he’s a judge!  With Oprah leaving the airways, Tyra Banks not far behind…are Americans ready and willing to open up to anyone other than another American?  I mean, wasn’t Celine Dion enough?  Although she didn’t have a talk show, she still saw herself as every woman. 

Was there even an American in the running?  Joy Behar could have taken the job.  Then, there was Meredith Vieira.  Dare I say, Tavis Smiley!  It would be interesting to see the skewed poll that shows how Americans are just rolling with glee over the decision to have Piers Morgan represent them as a leading radio/talk show host.  Now, with Miss Universe representing Mexico, and China raising Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., America has now been officially sold!  The British are no longer coming, they came!  And they will spread everywhere very soon! 

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