Pennsylvania’s Highways need a fixin’! And fast!

Okay, I think I get it. When President Obama initiated a $50 billion dollar restructuring fund for highways, roads, etc., I now know what particular area he had in mind. Pennsylvania. For as long as I can remember, since the early 90’s, Pennsylvania has been plagued with terrible and even deadly road conditions. Most often, as you ride by a couple sites with a crew present, not many of them are actually working.

How is overtime padded? It is my understanding that when someone is clocked in on a job, and then disappears, only to not show back up to clock out (for whatever reason) once their shift is over is comfortably collecting wonderful benefits. Then again, there has to be someone who is aware that this is happening. But, what if the entire crew is involved? Apparently, craft does not report craft.
And this goes on until a whistleblower blows their cover. Whistleblower, in other words, the one who secretly yells, “Quitting time!”

With the roads and highways not being repaired, why should the grass be cut? And conveniently, there isn’t enough money in the budget to do this. I mean, there isn’t actually enough money to do some work on the issue that includes the highways. Who exactly is overseeing all this? Someone should take a ride down or up, depending on where you are, and see what’s being done. It is shameful of the abuse of taxpayers money that is being wasted by a group that embellishes togetherness.

President Obama, who are you trying to appease? Chances are, most construction works are Republican anyway.

Just like there is someone in charge of dispersing BP Oil Spill dollars, maybe you can appoint someone to clean up the focus of your $50 billion stimulus package. Could the reason that the GOP is scoffing at your plan be that they know you are trying to feed something that has no hope of surviving or returning from the dead?

If one should have an accident on a Pennsylvania highway, help would take forever to get to you. Is that at all right? Safety hazards everywhere. And, as far as scenery, even in the spring and summer months, there is nothing lush about the great state of Pennsylvania. The old slogan of Pennsylvania used to be, “You’ve got a friend in Pennsylvania.”. I wonder why the administration abandoned it.

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