When travelling down life’s highway, do you have the right riding companion?

You decide to take a road trip. You know exactly where you want to go. Bags are packed. All arrangements are taken to ensure no unnecessary purchases will be needed at the destination. Car has been inspected. Food and drinks are in the cooler…with the exception of the occasional stop for a potty break and coffee. But, there is one thing other than the spirit of your
Lord Almighty you call upon to bless this trip. Your riding/driving buddy.

You may be saying, “Oh, hog wash! I ride with my spouse all the time. We’re supposed to be good together!”. Oh really? This may actually be the case. You are with someone all the time, so it’s only obvious that you suppress any real ill feelings towards your mate. Whether you know it or not, deep down inside, many of us would and do want to have somebody else as our road trip companion. Let’s look at a couple of things that could go wrong during our trip. You prefer the air conditioner over the window that he has rolled all the way down so he can rest his arm. God forbid, if you chose a smoker. Then, there is the radio hound. This is the person who feels that he who is in the driver’s seat, gets to control the music. Annoying right? Relentless! Oh, and let’s forget the irritable bowl syndromer. This person comes up with every excuse to pull over to go to the bathroom. But, it’s okay! Because you’re going to have fun once you get there. I would be so wrong if I forget to mention the person who makes every conversation about him or her. No matter how severe or interesting your situation or story is, you have someone by your side that can top every one of your tales. Keep your eye on the sparrow. You’ve only got eight more hours to go. Money, this can almost always start a fight. Although you have joint accounts, which account did you pull from to pay for the gas, the candy bars, the chips you forgot to pack? Why did you do that? Did you not have cash? You should have discussed it first. All a part of a recipe for disaster. Let’s forget a moment about the dominant talker…but what about the topic avoider? There’s bound to be a topic of conversation that is off limits to somebody. Hmmmm… So, when you run out of things to talk about, you usually revert to how things are going at work. And there’s always a co-worker or new boss that someone forgot to mention. Even after trying to reassure your mate that nothing is going on, the seed has been planted.

What else could there be? Hidden talents! No, I’m not talking about a Bonnie and Clyde complex. I’m talking about a girl actually being a tom boy or a boy actually being a boy who knows absolutely nothing about changing a tire or checking oil or what to do when the car overheats. This is just some thing that friends don’t discuss amongst themselves. They’d rather pour salt and vinegar on an open wound. Just one embarrassment that can be done without.

Sometimes, love just isn’t enough on the open road. Just when we think we know someone, we often discover that there are little things about our mates that we settle with in an effort to remain mates or companions. No matter what, for some, being alone is not an option. They’d rather take every little annoying quirk about their companion, cover them well, and continue down life’s highway…Destination known. We so often forget to say our traveling prayer. Even with smiles on our faces, daily, we think only those showing tears are the unhappy ones. Remember, life is a highway. A little prayer everyday wouldn’t hurt.

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