Atheism versus Beck versus Sarah Palin versus The GOP

The world is now discriminating against Bill Maher because he does not hold the same pseudo-Christian beliefs as most of the world, the GOP, Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, George Bush and Donald Trump.

Why would someone’s truthfulness and openness about being atheist prevent him or her from being considered for an Emmy? Is Hollywood that constipated that they want to believe it’s not right to be fake? Take a look at what Hollywood has moralized with Jon Hamm’s character in “Mad Men.”. Don Draper actually took the identity of a fellow soldier. Morally right? Glenn Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, and the GOP loves to throw up God’s them whenever sympathy is needed to garner support for a cause they consider Christian. However, as wrong as they are, the stupid and the challenged come out in droves to see and hear them speak. And everything they say is blasphemous. I am so surprised that their podiums don’t all explode right before their eyes. Yet, God takes care of this kind in his own way. With Palin, she’s got to contend with Levi. Beck, the mirror. Limbaugh, his own health problems and a woman who really does love his penetrable pre-nup. God, bless the GOP. For in an effort to restore dignity to the White House, they seek a blackout everyday. And by whatever means necessary, they will brainwash the many down-trodden, confused, despondent, and near suicidal that what’s in the White House now is what is causing their pain. Not Bernie Madoff or George W. Bush. It is B.O.B. No matter how you look at it, the spelling doesn’t change. And those who respect him call him, “Mr. President,” while all others call him, ” Obama.”. And please don’t waste time saying that they’re not going to waste time thinking about what he’s planning next. Because everyone does! I wouldn’t doubt it if his office and staff were bugged. It seems as if they are always ready to counter whatever plan he initiates. And Bill Maher can’t be considered for an Emmy. Oh wait, atheism, supporting a man of color who happens to be Commander-In-Chief, articulate, non-scandalous immediate family, no addictions other than fighting for the people, one who sits with Elisabeth Hasselbeck on a daytime talk show and dispels all rumors about him…Bill Maher should be burned at the stake for being so real in life.

I hear the Emmy statue isn’t real gold.

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