Jennifer Lopez…the woman, the fake, the PR fangasm

Wow! I knew Jennifer Lopez had a great PR person, but this last stunt just took the prize!

La Hennifer Hopez’s camp just claimed that someone is trying to sabotage American Idol. That’s true. It’s Miss Hopez herself! This woman will do anything for publicity, like having children because that was the
popular thing to do.

Everyone at American Idol need their heads examined if they are really considering this woman for the already ill-fated show. Simon Cowell must be turning cartwheels. So is Paula Abdul. Tacky, grandiose fashions will be presented on the A.I. Runway. The star-studded event will be hosted by none other than Jennifer Lopez. Sources tell me there will be major wardrobe malfunctions during performances…even with hers being lip-synched.

What must Randy Jackson be thinking right now…”…Man, I should have taken Simon up on that offer…”. Should have, because after A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), you’re gonna need something else. And these days, type casting is a little pitchy, Randy. I’m actually happy for Kara. She’s out and that’s the best place to be right now.

You will be able to see Steven Tyler enter rehab on the show. You will be able to see and meet everyone who helped Miss Hopez on her rise to fame – that is of course, minus Puffy, Keenan Ivory Wayans, her first husband, Rosie Peres, and so many talented others who got in her way. Telemundo will be discussed a lot in an effort for Miss Hopez to bring the rejected wannabes to her new show on the Telemundo network. You know, the way she started the stolen them show “South Beach.”. She is like a Timex though. I just don’t know who she lets close enough to her to do the thing other than keeping on ticking.

Wake up execs at Idol. You’re gonna be riding Simon’s jock soon. Miss Hopez is a lot like Ellen. No real talent in the music world – but a true fan of something…themselves! Oh, and Ellen does have a few really good movies under her belt. She had to actually act in hers. It’s hard to play an Italian princess when you have a Latin accent. Or, a made up Latin accent. Can she even speak Spanish? I mean, Jennifer Lopez. “Selena” was good though.

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