The Scent of a Man

The Scent of a Man

A Poem by TTBoy

When the elevator door opened

 life held me back from proceeding like

 a vampire and all but sucking your throat

for your potion

Careful I would be to be so forward

 and question what you do as I could

even look you in the eye

and if my glare pierces through your profile

 I want you to turn and face me

and toss me a smirk

 daring me to come forward and take what I want

Intoxicating as the air is

 I can detect your scent because you own it

and I own you


And as your floor approaches with only

 three of us left

Thank you for not moving until we

 are alone

Thank you for accepting my compliment

Thank you for pressing the STOP button

 after you covered up the camera

© 2010 TTBoy

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