A Poem by TTBoy


 usually created drama

  where drama usually did not exit

Cut in so many ways

 shapes and sizes

  the pain did not subside after

 basking like being smothered in

  a grand pappy fry pan oven

The chips from the cuts

 exploded and expanded

  ozzing with goo to only add to

 the effect of the heat

Though many were pleased

 with Cookie’s appearance

  it was the battered taste that

appealed most accompanied with a scoop

 of vanilla ethical cream

Cookie’s life was not all in vain

 adored by many

  and devoured by many more

Cookie’s spirit lives on



  as sweet delectible visions for the

  gluttons of added poundage

Whether battered

  Cookie can be found boxed in

   and promoted for all that is good and bad

and stored for the pleasure

 of all ages, shapes and sizes

Everyone loves Cookie

 for the name alone brings about

  discriminating questions of geography

So often misconstrued

  Cookie is Cookie

and always will be

 yet not always beside milk

© 2010 TTBoy

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