Experience this, if you will 

A slight trick of hand with skill

Should delight bring about fright

I do think it’ll be alright

Boisterously silence your voices

Reconsider altering your choices

And open wide, but do not say, “Ah”

The way those from Boston say, “Cah”

Stand up straight

My, my, my, to delegate to prostrate

Let your eyes stare

As you think I touched you there

But instead, it has been your head

A part of you that has been dead


Waiting for my purgatory to come along

And tickle your spine with a song

Radiating and gyrating about

Casting aside all shadows of doubt

While wading in a pond on a summer’s day

A gentle wave giving way

Motioning one

But not just anyone

Mistaking my sign

Rupturing what is fine


A slight trick of hand

is in high demand

I intentionally gave you life

Amid your horrid careless strife

You took me up on my offer

That was intended for a cougher

Now it is us three

Though, is it the way it was supposed to be?

I’d like to introduce you to my mind

In exchange for an action all but kind

Fascinating as it may seem

that my hand woke you from a dream

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