Exist for Me

Exist For Me

A Poem by TTBoy

This Poem is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

Exist for Me

 in a way that deems alien to

anyone else

Only needing and desiring but one

 You will be It

Though every crevace and corpuscle

 that make up your existence is not thoroughly

obvious without removing sometimes layer

 after layer of fabric exported from Turin

Your nectar arouses the ants that swarm

 at your feet

  after we have had the most successful rendezvous


 at the most secluded public space imagineable

Water towers allow free flowing fluids

 for one unable to naturally go

Completely obliged and enraptured for your


  I look forward to my sample swirled like a Reese’s Pieces

though no chocolate will be extracted

  only inserted

That is the hue it takes after constant abuse

And I thank you for thanking me

 over and over again

as the ants await the spillage from your succulent recepticle

Please accept my apology for over-indulgence

 for the tower entices my scepter to remain playing

  hide-and-seek with your moist and dank tomb

possibly creating life

yet losing life below

 And I beg you to exist for me only

as we return to our stagnant lives down below

Secrecy is not necessarily a must

 for the way we accept each other

  is undeniable

© 2010 TTBoy

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