Life On A 3 x 5

Life on a 3 x 5

A Poem by TTBoy

The consummate professional
 everything about her and her life
 was well contrived
each strand that laid
 saw Brazil once every week

Vogue met BCBG
 as she could never be mistaken
  for a Glamour Shot gal
Family shots taken
everyone will be present

With tubes tied
and the corporate ladder rising
 within reach
She made a date with her G-spot
 at her favorite clinic every
three months
Loving the games she played with
 hubby produced immense pleasure

Karo Syrup found its way into

 the potted plants she created

at just the right time

Robust and flavorful

 could lose its lustre like an amateur

at a poetry slam

 if control is not there

Date time and playtime

 required different time

for separativeness was not her specialty

 but her design for peace, love, and happiness

And there was all this

 as long as there was herself nearby

somewhere in time

And when her Papa found his own way

 into a home for 92 year olds

She vowed to remember everything

 no matter how miniscule the issue

Headaches and bloody noses forced her

 to build her life on a 3 x 5

As she did for enjoyment

Her Papa’s funeral date matches the one the

 Funeral Home has

© 2010 TTBoy

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