Mama, Let Me See You Cry

Mama, Let Me See You Cry

A Poem by TTBoy

Your baby boy has grown up

 out on his own

doin’ his own stuff

Seems like time has really flown by

 just like yesterday

fast as a blink of an eye

You taught me well

 there when I needed you

Love was there I could tell

I remember days and nights so long

 I can still see you in your chair

holding me tightly and singing your song

If ever you were tired,

 you never told me so

everytime you bowed your head

 I could still see your glow

You always wanted the best for me

 no one was good enough

as far as you could see

Day and night you prayed

I pretended to not know why

Things are good for me today, 

 and I hope they always will be

 All because of you, Mama, let me see you cry

Whatever you said to God

 whatever He said back to you

I hope He didn’t let you down

and did just what you asked Him to

I was kept out of harm’s way

 Times, I don’t even know why

Now a man with riches and plenty

Mama, let me see you cry

You may not want to share it with me

 You may want me to put it away

You always taught me to save

 just in case life finds a rainy day

If you ask me if I’m happy

 If you ask me if I’m ever sad

your life is my life

’cause you’re the best friend I ever had

So now when I fold my hands

 and look up to the sky

I hope God is not angry with me

when I say, Mama, let me see you cry

© 2010 TTBoy

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