Consenting Adults

Consenting Adults

A Poem by TTBoy

It makes more sense

 to go upstairs with someone like me

because we don’t have to respect each other

Like milk is to cereal

 we can but survive alone

And as a palm is to a penis

 let another take care of business

As we eye each other’s significant others

 it is detrimental that life continues

perchance it is by accident that life is created

And allow me to revel in that attention


Lust is in me as voyeurism is with you

Unabashed to share my grease

the imagined scent of your self that welcomed me

more than a half dozen times now wears me

making it more logical for us to witness our loved ones

getting a room together

Preventing them from washing away their sin

would have us joined at the hip and the lip without actually

being there

If it would make any difference

I could easily parade nude through the lobby

as a way to lobby interest

and the jealousy could rest a towel in front of me

Fastidious would you be should I cease to use you as my

hand puppet and resort to our conventional way of doing things

And I have my own Gucci dog collar

So, when you suck your teeth or clear your throat

at the thought of my imposition

imagine yourself doing all of that when we’re done


© 2010 TTBoy

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