For Those Seeking Criticism

For Those Seeking Criticism

A Poem by TTBoy

Coming and going

 it was funny they weren’t knowing

what they thought was good

should have stayed in the hood

They didn’t have the right picture

Adding their two cents

to something that really didn’t make any sense

Too ashamed to admit it

Not legit enough yet to quit it

Their name to something seemed the right mixture

A permanent fixture

on a scene devoid of a picture

and fame is the name of the ecclectic game

Lo and behold

the same lines can get old

praises that they don’t use a real name

Long live

an Adonis that could give

face with oh so such good taste

But another silly review

just hanging in the que

laughs cause a mind is a terrible thing to waste

Escribe!  Escribe!

Can they tell that someone is that way

How else can you feel somebody up

Online you can dine

with someone who might not be so fine

You may need a little more in your cup

Live and let live

and don’t expect much more

what else did you do it for

When you’re ready for attention

oh, did I forget to mention

It’s not always best to receive, but to give

© 2010 TTBoy

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