Throat Cancer and Wall Street and Michael Douglas

Cover of "Wall Street (20th Anniversary E...
Cover of Wall Street (20th Anniversary Edition)

Amazing, isn’t it? Michael Douglas, the famed son of Kirk Douglas and star in his own right, is diagnosed with throat cancer just in time for his movie sequel to Wall Street is set to première. Is this a sympathy ploy to get people interested in an ’80s topic that has corrupted and crippled the world, let alone America?

Michael Douglas was Gordon Gekko! He was Wall Street (1987). Once hailed as one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, due to films like Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct and Disclosure, Michael Douglas reigns supreme still with his long-term marriage to Catherine Zeta-Jones…a fame actor in her own right.
But, as Michael portrayed such a ruthless and sinister character, does Oliver Stone still have the magic to make us care? One thing is for sure, I wonder how Gordon’s daughter, of American descent, has grown to posses a foreign accent. Carey Mulligan, who made a name for herself in An Education, is a dream come true. Oliver Stone has said of Carey, “In the British tradition, she holds a lot more in than an American actress.”. This may be true as her vocal tones are intoxicating and that coif completely does her justice. So, pretty is as pretty does. Thank goodness it’s only a movie. Just the conventional pairing of the actors are all wrong. I could only wish that Oliver Stone would get stoned more often before agreeing to accept who the agents send to him. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but does Darryl Hannah at least make a cameo? Does Charlie Sheen make a jailbreak?
Does America care about big business anymore? Do we really feel sorry about Michael Douglas for mocking Bernie Madoff? David Letterman does! We saw it when Mr. Douglas appeared on his show. 80’s talk was a lot cheaper than than it is today.

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