The Fertility Statue

The Fertility Statue

A Poem by TTBoy

What I have cannot

 be bought

But I can sell it to you

if you allow me to serve

as the God that can bless you

No visit to a man with a

stethescope is necessary unless

he is your spouse

Even he can use an enlarged boost

of confidence in front of him

jollier than Santa everyday

Place me anywhere and

I will be there with care

Under the bed

and I am in your head

Hold me to your chest

offering words more or less

However I am

I will make a way for the seed

to stop the bleed

Fathering an empty tomb of need

Notice ME

And I will soothe the ache

and for the time life grows

not only does Heaven know

I am the blessing you gave to


© 2010 TTBoy

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