Syracuse and David Muir…. Where is the Advancement?

Franklin Square, Syracuse, New York, USA
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How interesting after a blog is posted about the resurrecting of ex-Syracuse Mayor Lee Alexander, that an ABC story is being done on Syracuse, New York

David Muir, an anchor for ABC News, says to have started young as an affiliate working at WTVH-TV in Syracuse, New York.  Working as a reporter and anchor, David’s versatility and high standards have been said to be the reason he rose to such popularity.  Mr. Muir’s accolades do speak for loudly for him as he has won an RTNDA award for his report from his trip to the Middle East after the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.  But now, David Muir is returning to his hometown of Syracuse, New York to report on how great life is.  Oh really?  Not even the new Syracuse Magazine that posted Syracuse University student and dethroned Miss America Vanessa Williams as its first coverperson can help Syracuse rise from the ashes that it is sinking deeply into.  Many residents of Syracuse wonder why they picked her instead of other noted ex-Syracuse residents.  I wish someone would ask Vanessa about her experience here in Syracuse during her days as a Syracuse University student who dated a fairer skinned beau who dropped her after a photo scandal.  It won’t be David Muir.  It won’t be Diane Sawyer.

As there are so many out of work in Syracuse, many don’t see any new prospects any time soon.  When such companies as Carrier, Pass & Seymour, Frazier and Jones, Chrysler – to name a few, all left Syracuse, there are still a few of those 70s and 80s companies still occupying the same location without hiring any new flavor.  Though I am sure, David Muir’s report has already been taped and is now in the editing process, it would be nice to know that his findings are not skewed to favor any particular group.  With an area like Clay, New York securing 96% of white occupants, could that be the case throughout other parts of the Syracuse area?  And, with 96% white, how does the job situation fair amongst others?  For one to live “comfortably” in either of the Syracuse areas, it is safe to say that they should be “retired” or receiving some kind of compensation to keep afloat. 

Just walking through the most prominent mall in Syracuse, Carousel Mall, you can see that there is little diversity among the inhabitants of Syracuse.  To bring in new business to the once Upstate Mecca, who would truly benefit?  Who is benefitting now?  With discrimination lawsuits on the rise with central New York’s transportation authority, CENTRO, one should ask “Why?”  Limitations stare many central New Yorkers in the face daily, as I’m sure they do everywhere else.  However, why does there appear to be such a dirty cloud over Syracuse, New York?  Would it help the powers that be to have central New Yorkers complete a questionnaire about the disparity in treatment in Syracuse?  2010 shows a very different Syracuse from the one that seemed to flourish during the early 80s.  Since Mayor Lee Alexander was convicted of a kickback scandal for the betterment of Syracuse, scandal are still being committed  – but who’s looking for them?

I can’t say that I welcome David Muir’s report on a Syracuse story.  I find it very strange that since my original posting about Syracuse and Mayor Lee Alexander that someone would be interested in telling a story about the town…however, the people of Syracuse look forward to the story being fabricated in any and every way possible.  Then again, Syracuse University brings in millions of dollars for the city.  A little fabrication is definitely necessary to keep that income generated.

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