Father, I know what my Dad sees in my Mom

Father, I know what my Dad sees in my Mom

A Poem by TTBoy

Poetry always in motion

even the dishes like the way

she shines them

Never too much jiggle

as the glasses never clang as she

adds them to the dishwasher

I am so grateful that I am able

to watch her in action

as she bends and extends her body


and accidentally caresses her breast

as she wipes a sweaty glow from her


something I would love to do for her

without blowing

my cover

Her slacks are a danger zone

as no fortune teller is needed

to reveal what she is still capable of

I could only pray to be so


to sample her

or find a clone

to sustain my life

as Dad’s has been for 44 years

They settle their business behind closed doors

as the bedpost acts as the gavel

and I am the only one home

and the steps are solid

and allow me to tiptoe to the door

that is left partly ajar

to witness

poetry in motion

holding tight to myself in hopes that

I can look like that when I age

And as the Almighty is called

I call out silently

and when all three are spent

I exit

44 years and their smiles are beautiful

Oh God, I am so thankful that I can hug them


whether they know it or not

they have welcomed me into their world

in a way that is perfect for them

to share their love

with me

Mom reminds Dad that he must

buy larger pants

not for the waist

and as we head out for the store

Dad pulls me close and holds me

He knows I know the boundaries we must


And I look forward to the time

when Dad reminds Mom that she needs

more support for jogging

Why should I ever leave home

…44 years and counting 

© 2010 TTBoy

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