Lindsay Lohan…now, it’s all about death and dying

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Dear Lindsay: 

     Everyday that you awake, before you get out of bed, do you ask yourself who you’re going to piss off?  If ever you have seen the horrible sequels to “Final Destination,” please know that when it’s your time, whether you are in front of the paparazzi or not, with your degenerative parents, sitting with the girls of the daytime or evening that you so maliciously associate with, I don’t think anyone is going to feel sorry for you. 

     Not only have you made a mockery out of life, the judges who could keep you detained for the time you should really be getting are doing the same.  Somehow, you have become the poster child for all that is evil, wicked, and despicable.  You have truly taken advantage being granted with a charmed life.  No matter how afflicted your family’s status is, you have really been the bread and butter of that Lohan dynasty.  But remember, you are no Drew Barrymore.  Just look at what she is doing now.  You are being swallowed along with everything you are swallowing.  And, it just so sad.  As stated earlier, pretty soon you will be considered the girl who cried wolf and you will be placed in a little tomb away from the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Aaliyah, and other real stars who have gone on before their time.  People really like you…but somewhere it’s really obvious that you don’t like yourself at all.  You have no place else to go except further down in the trenches.  Excuse after excuse, reason after reason, life has given you so many passes to keep your light shining and you, yourself, are blowing it out.  Your flame is sputtering and it’s becoming nothing but gas.  At least Drew has done things to help young girls and women better themselves by writing, producing, STARRING.  But what exactly is the example you’re trying to set for anyone?  I bet if your photo, namely your mug shot, was placed side by side with The Pope’s, it would be dead even in terms of disapproval.  What is it going to take to get you to do anything right?  As every little girl should know, now, pictures lie.  Your pictures lie.  And whatever mother is parading your ex-talent in their daughter’s faces should have their heads examined.  A judge laughed at Snooki for not being you.  I don’t think he knew what he was saying when he said it.  In a while, will anyone want to be you? 

     If your money is being generated by the number of hits you get being in the limelight, I say you should move President Obama out of the White House and move in yourself.  Bravo to your PR person.  How is it that your behavior is being accepted anywhere?  Oh, but I guess if you were to be out of the spotlight, you would and will be forgotten.  And Mommy and Daddy just ain’t having that!  So many people are counting on you to continue riding on your fading coat-tail.  Would you please do the world a favor and apologize?  Please, hold a press conference and apologize to the world for being stupid and having stupid judges who continuously let you off the hook.  Lindsay, for your own good, truly start over.  It’s not about your family, it’s about you!  Go off to Tibet.  Sit with the Dalai Lama.  Cry it out already!  Apologize and stop laughing before you start to look old and run down.  You may actually be a legend now, in your own mind, but you will be a legend of the wrong kind.  No one knows why they are really put here on earth.  But no one thinks you were put here on this earth to piss off your higher power.   After ignoring the signs for too long, that power starts to retaliate.  

     If and when you do go, there will be so many to blame.  Nobody can just blame you for your ignorance.  Everyone involved in the media should be bankrupt when it’s time for you to go.  I don’t even know if you have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  But the star should go to the World-at-Large, because it’s them that have been walked all over by you.  Such a shame! 


Still a fan for now 

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