The Lucky Home

The Lucky Home

A Poem by TTBoy

At the right time

your presence was made

Such a lucky home

 many thought we were so blessed

Only it was you

 and the life that was denied you

Our little girl

 three years old and finding a piece of

 paper worth seven million that you hid

                caused a ruckus

and now you let no one else in

 who is not worthy

Though they try to break us

  you again protect what was yours

as only you could do in your now lifetime

Yet now we feel like prisoners

 unable to move without you

  unable to leave without you

There is life now where there wasn’t


Should we continue to stay

 no one rests

Have you blessed us to curse us

Don’t let your death be in vain

Let us go and prosper as we

 allow you to bestow this lovely pain

upon another inhabitant

Yet, how long will it take for you

 to cross over into forgiveness

What will it take

 Do you plan to let your murderers in

upon their return?

© 2010 TTBoy

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