Can Love Dream the Same Dream?

Can Love Dream The Same Dream?

A Poem by TTBoy



     It was a dance or a ball

     that saw it all

     though they did not both reveal themselves to me

      I could only revel as to what was to be


     Over my shoulder

     Sightless but light no less

     Its approach was as furious as a boulder

     threatening to be my headress


     The safest place

      devoid of water

     was not to be up in a face

      as the pillow held the fisage of someone’s daughter


     But why was I the one to rise

      I could see what’s beside me is churning

     Am I the lead to one’s demise

     Can one actually rest while yearning?


     Should I shake my love

     Shake to awaken from my despair

     Should I pray to that above

     Shake for my own pleasure, I do declare


     My rustles become bustles

     Attempting to be careful, pulling muscles

     startled as her eyes flew straight

     Wiping away the drool

     She scolded me for being a fool

     provoking her into a fit of hate


     Before I could speak

     she began her rant

     as her words began to leak

     I was whittled down like a plant


     She told of her tale

     exactly as mine occured

     For her I was not to fail

     That time of fear left my vision blurred


     Too real to be a dream

     She then doubted my love for us

     unable to stand erect

     No way could I cause a fuss


     I agreed to not agree

     telling her of my troubled past

     She would forgive me

      not willing to give up so fast


     Connected quickly after sex

      first date, what a way to go

      No misinterpreting this as a hex

      This one really gets me, this I know


© 2010 TTBoy

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